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Our next stop was Kanchanaburi, infamous for the bridge of the river Kwai and the Death Railway. During the 2nd World War, the Japanese used slave labour from South and South-East Asian countries as well as PoW from Britain, Australia,  Holland, New Zealand and the US. As a result of the appalling conditions and inhumanity of the Japanese around 100,000 men died. The thousands of graves and museums give an extremely sobering reminder of how lucky current generations are.

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One of the war grave sites. The Allies and Japanese kept good records of those that died. Virtually none of the estimated 82,000 Asian slave labourers were identified.

We're now back in Bangkok waiting for our visas. Our original plan was to head out from here to Laos, China, Tibet and into Nepal. However, serious events in Tibet mean that it's extremely unlikely that the Chinese will allow us to pass through that way. Our current plan is to use the Silk Road through Pakistan to get into South Asia.