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Hong Kong

We caught the flight to Hong Kong and home with Ivan and Amy. Hong Kong is one of my favourite short-stop destinations. I love the variation - how you can have a brand new sky scraper right next to a grotty apartment block next to a pristine park next to a mad market selling everything (un)imaginable. We spent 3 days sight seeing, shopping, trying to find vegetarian food for Ivan and generally having fun.

Hong Kong temple religion incense traditionHong Kong markets shopping new meets oldHong Kong modern city apartment sky scrapers park meets city island

I have never been to anywhere that has more high rise buildings per square km. Even large Brazilian or Chinese cities just don't compare. I love the bustle and the insanity. It is like the few parts of Japan that I have seen but with a great Chinese twist.

So how much did the trip cost? Well, we usually ate local and slept in budget hotels. We caught the bus instead of flying. But we dived where we could, ate well when the value was there, shopped and pretty much anything else we wanted. So in a year in the Americas it was about US$15,000 each. Which, really is about the price of a cucumber sandwich in London.