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Our last email left us in Venice, where, despite no one telling us about daylight savings we managed to get our flight and arrive safely back in Gatwick Airport. Back in London we made plans to see my relatives and a bit of the countryside. The weather had improved slightly, and despite still being very cool it was now at least sunny at times! Amazing!

London is a fun place to visit, although long term the lifestyle would drive me nuts! Like many world-cities London is wonderfully multi-cultural, but also has a huge history. One thing that never fails to amaze is the cost of living. London has now overtaken Tokyo as the world's most expensive city. Costs, even compared to places like New York are ridiculous. I felt like I was being ripped off at all times. Also, proportionally few people seem to be making serious money. Sure, there are lots of people making really good money, but nothing like enough people to justify the costs! Also, speed cameras are rampant! On the first day back the Guardian newspaper had an article about the stretch of road in the UK with the most speed cameras. One 4.2 mile (6.7 km) stretch had 20 cameras - and there was some politician saying how this is saving lives and isn't a revenue exercise! Yet, they had to hire more staff to process the fines of the tens of thousands of cameras!!! So there are 2 reasons I couldn't live in London!

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Our time in England was too short and we missed seeing so many good friends. Next time we will do a bit more of a tour and catch up with you all!