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Taking travel photographs is rewarding on many levels. Among the things I love about it is that it is a great excuse to meet people, it makes me a better observer and it allows me to share my experiences with others.

Whatever your reasons for taking photos are, I hope that this resource is useful and that it not only makes you a better photographer, but that you get even more joy from your travels.

Photography 101
An introduction to the basics.

Buying a Camera
How to buy the right camera for you.

Camera Care
How to look after your camera, lenses, digital media and film.

Take great portraits and meet amazing people!

Landscape Photography
Capturing breathtaking sunsets, awesome mountains and quiet deserts, or just your back yard.

Street Photography
Scenes of every day life.

Working with available light and flash.

Understanding your cameras exposure meter and the Zone System.

Photographic Links
Links to useful Internet sites, books and resources.

Photographic terms in plain English.

This is the free photography hints and tips that first appeared on one of my other websites: tribalcog.com. © Beren Patterson. All rights reserved.