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From Tulum we travelled across the boarder to Belize. The changes in culture, architecture, ethnicities and poverty were immediate. Belize was a British colony and most of the population are descendants of African slaves brought by the British for mahogany logging. The Empire, as always also brought Chinese and Indians. Caribbean-English is not only a wonderful dialect, but mixed with Creole has developed into their own unique language. The first time I spoke to a Chinese-Belizean, we almost cracked up when he answered with a rich Caribbean-English accent. If there was a one-month course in how to speak Caribbean-English, this is one white boy who would take it. It is just too cool!

The food in Belize was stunning. We had often been disappointed with the food in Mexico. We had had some great dishes in Mexico, but generally the food was not as good as we were hoping for. In Belize we never had an average meal. Favourites included Coconut Chicken Curry with Rice and Beans, Garlic Butter Snapper and Key Lime Pie.

Belize Caye Caulker swimming with Nurse Sharks attractions tourism

After a couple of days in Belize City we headed out to Caye Caulker, a small sandy island with three streets, Front, Middle and Back. Island life was very relaxed and laid-back, the only mode of transport apart from foot and bike was golf cart, often with wheels off an ATV quad-bike.

Belize Caye Caulker sunset

The island has the second biggest barrier reef in the world running along one coast, which goes North to Mexico and South to Honduras. We went on a day trip to Shark and Ray Alley where tame rays and sharks come to be fed and you can snorkel with them. We spent several happy hours snorkeling with several different species of friendly large rays and 2-3 metre Nurse Sharks, who had remarkably rough skin.