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We said good-bye to Bridget and Tom and headed back into Chile with the intention of walking the trails around Torres del Paine. The wind in the nearby town of Puerto Natales was predictably strong, but the view across the bay to the mountains was obscured by rain. The thought of 4 days walk in rain and wind without seeing any mountains was more than we could be bothered with. Maybe we were a little mountained-out by this stage too, so we headed South for the last time arriving at Punta Arenas and the Straights of Magellan. You can go further south to Tierra del Fuego, but that trip will wait until we do Antarctica.

Puerto Madryn local wildlife Right Whales emerging for air

Back in Argentina we went up to Puerto Madryn to see the local wildlife. The area around is rich with wildlife and we saw Right Whales, Orca, Tonino Dophins, Elephant Seals, Sea Lions, Mara (like a capybara on a diet), Magellenic Penguins (the World's largest colony of penguins outside of Antarctica) and many other birds including albatross.

This afternoon with will be in Buenos Aires before heading off to Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil.

Buenos Aires street scene tango Boca restaurantTypical Boca housing and buildings colourful tourist attraction

We arrived in Buenos Aires and spent Christmas and New Years there. BA must be one of the most liveable cities in the world, with a good climate, friendly people and low crime. Even with the massive economic problems in Argentina recently, the city still feels rich, with many beautiful buildings, good restaurants, parks and a beautifully renovated waterfront that would rival Sydney or Auckland for night life.

Buenos Aires city scene boats docking night time lights

BA has a great subte (metro) system. Some of the trains are antique with wooden panels and manual doors. Some are very modern.