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Since our last email we have travelled South through Lima, Pisco to see the off-shore islands teaming with sea birds and seals and on to Arequipa to see Juanita, the well-preserved body of a young girl sacrificed on a mountain by the Incas. You may have seen her in National Geographic, however others are not allowed to take pictures of her.

tourist gimmick Peru Incan costume ancient

We had booked to do the Inca Trail from Cusco on the 27th, but we arrived a week early to explore the Sacred Valley with its many Incan ruins. Cusco is a lovely city with a rich history. Once the capital of the Incan empire, the old streets still have many intact walls showing incredible stonework, although much has been integrated with Spanish colonial architecture. Some of the stones weigh in excess of 100 tons, so the logistics of getting these into place with millimetre precision on the joins is mind boggling.

Cusco Peru young boy with pet parrot indigenous colourful smiling photograph