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Really, a picture says more than a thousand words in this case. We have just spent a wonderful week trekking through the Andes, including 4 days walking the Santa Cruz trail near Huaraz. Santa Cruz started a little rough as Ange had something bad for breakfast and ended up having to throw up 6 times and visit the bathroom (well, behind a bush anyway) a couple of times. This didn't seem to spoil her day and she walked on well without complaining.

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The photo above is taken from about 4600m looking back along the valley we had spent two days walking. Unfortunately, it gives you no idea of scale. The valley floor is 400 vertical metres below and nearest peaks remain another 1150m above. Lots of variation with birds, flowers, waterfalls all set to a rather spectacular background and beautiful weather. The highest point is a pass at 4750m. As we sat at the top and admired the view a huge condor circled up from the valley below and cruised within 10m of us. It was our first condor sighting!

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