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Copan Ruinas

Touts greet the buses and vans arriving and offer to take you to a good, cheap hotel. As always, the price will be higher if you go with them. Hotel Clasico Copan is a good choice with very clean, large rooms with bathroom and fan for US$10.

There are several ATMs for getting Lempira, but as you can use Guatemalan Quetzal in restaurants this may be a good way to get rid of any remaining Q before you head too far away from the boarder.

Copan Ruins, Honduras

Obviously, the main (only?) reason to go to Copan are the ruins. While the ruins themselves are not as interesting as Tikal, Palenque, Chichi and others, they do have excellent stelae that are quite beautiful and certainly make the site worth visiting. Entry is still US$10 (also payable in lempira), but comically, the tunnels are now US$12. I thought the tunnels were only vaguely interesting and certainly not worth the US$12. The museum (US$5) is excellent. The life-sized recreation of the Rosalila temple helped me imagine what the ruins may have been like in their prime a little more.

There are a few good eats in Copan. The Dutch-run Vamos a Ver has lovely ambiance and good food. They have an open fire on which you can roast marshmallows while relaxing with a drink. The restaurant opposite (whose name I cannot recall!) does tasty breakfasts and lunches with excellent service and sharp pricing. Our (now out of date) LP CA on a Shoestring states that Tunkul Bar is the town's main wateringing hole. This is no longer the case, and we found the service to be wanting at best - not to mention NO beer on Happy Hour.