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Almost every hotel in town seems to be doing rooms for Q70. Hotel Mayab on Calle 30 de Junio between Calle Sur and Calle Centro America has rooms for Q70 (rates are supposed to be Q80, but they dropped the price without being asked). Rooms are cool, clean and have a good bathroom with hot water (certainly don't need hot this time of year). Mayab's back exit goes straight onto a nice area by the lake where you can swim and watch the sunset. They also except Visa and Mastercard, which is useful as the ATMs I found in Santa Elena only dispensed Q1000 at a time. You can book buses to Tikal and other places also on plastic here too. Joy. There are no ATMs in Flores but it is a 5 minute walk to Santa Elena or Q1 on the bus.

We have a couple of average meals since being in Flores. But we have had the best meal since being here at Cool Beans - el Cafe Chilero in a tiny alley next to the bus stop at the Flores end of the causeway (easy to find - next to the backpackers). They make their own delicious brown bread (Q15 a loaf) and also do great cinnamon rolls (Q8), chocolate brownies (Q5), muffins and other good supplies for road trips. We had one of their breakfasts with good scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns and beans - might sound normal, but the food was the best breakfast I have had in months - all for Q15. They are open from 6 so you can get something before you head elsewhere for the day. Mayan Princess was the only other place where we had close to a good feed.

Guatemala ruins Tikal jungle monkeys animals temple pyramids tombs


We saw quite a few ruins in Mexico including Palenque, Teotihucan, Monte Alban, Bonampak, Yaxchilan, Tulum and Chichen Itza. Tikal is by far our favorite. The jungle is superb with toucans, parrots, woodpeckers, monkeys, huge colourful butterflies, etc. . . and make a wonderful setting for some very well restored sites. Prepare for a bit of wooden stair climbing as the best views are at the top of Temple II, IV & V and bring water as there are only a couple of places to get some when you are there and it is a big site. Round trip bus ticket to Tikal from Flores cost Q40 departing from 6am and leave Tikal after 12:30pm about every hour until 6 when the grounds close. Do also go to the museum (not the one in the big building, but the one labeled Museo Ceramico in places slightly confusingly as it is Museo Tikal) which has some good examples of pottery, tools, jewelry and a tomb. Not as good as the one in Palenque, but very interesting with some unique exhibits. Entry is Q10 for foreigners.

Guatemala ruins Tikal jungle monkeys animals temple pyramids tombs