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Casa Bertha is family run and is quite hard to find without local help. It's location is a plus, it has a good terrace with great views, a nice small kitchen. The rooms are OK, but some are very dark with no external windows and at $240 you may want to shop around.



Casa de Huéspedes Arellano is again family-run and is right in the middle of the market and 2 minutes from plaza. The rooms are clean and quiet with clean common bathrooms (private are also available). They have a large deck area on all levels and it is a nice place. It is reasonable value at $230.


The first 2 options we tried from LP no longer existed. In fact, the information on Puebla has been the most out of date of any city we have visited. We stayed at Hotel Victoria, which at $130 is a bargain. The people who run it are friendly and helpful. The rooms have attached baths. This is not the World's cleanest hotel, but is certainly great value for money. Incidentally, the antique market on Sunday morning is really worth a look.


Hotel Posada Sol y Luna is quite expensive at $275, but you will probably only want to stay one night. It has attached bath and TV, but no external windows on most rooms. We went down to watch the sunrise at the pyramids, as it is a 15 minute walk to gate 2. Unfortunaly the ticket guy on gate 2 decided not to turn up till after 7:30, by which time the sun had risen. Walk to gate 3 as they seem to be punctual. The gates should open at 7.


Our first option was Casa Paulina. However, it was full and is now charging $250 a room - it was also full the next three days. So we went to Youth Hostel Plata / Gelatina which was our next option. The write up in LP makes it sound ok. However, the place is a dump. Our first room had a door that didn't close, was dirty and noisy. Foolishly, we asked to move and went to one of their back rooms. It had no fan and Oaxaca is quiet hot at the moment. The major problem, however is the back rooms are over a bakery so our room stayed in the early '30s C all night and the bakery had their radio going till late. Also the bathrooms are filthy and one of the staff members in a useless prick. At $180 you would be better to go to Hostal Santa Isabel which has rooms for $140, however, they are also on the roof and have no fan. Hostal de Don Diego is no longer in existence - although the sign is still there. When we knock on the door the woman seemed perplexed that we should be asking for it.

Another gem. Hotel Posada del Centro is listed under mid-range in LP. However, this charming centrally-located hotel is a comparative bargain at $210 with common bath (currently offering discounts off their board of 25-30%). The rooms are large, well furnished, have 2 (two!) fans, nicely planted central courtyard, friendly staff. The two maids make everything spotless every day and there is a very nice cafe at the front entrance that does good breakfasts. We have been to almost every other hotel under $300 in this town and nothing comes close!

Zapata sign, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

San Cristobal de las Casas

There is a glut of hotels (and restaurants) in this town and far less tourists than are required to fill them. As a result hotels are cheap. Posada las Casas is good value at $130 without bath or $180 with. Security is a feature with bars on doors and windows. It is an easy walk to the plaza of about 10 minutes and is in the quieter part of town. Again it is family run and they are friendly and helpful.

I am quite sure that you could do better with a bit of shopping about and you could probably negotiate a lower rate in most places.

A couple of notes of San Cristobal. No one seems to have change. Ever. I went to buy a coke and the woman didn't have change for a $50 (the smallest I had) and so wouldn't sell it to me. If the ATM has given you $500s try and break them in when you are paying larger bills (like your room).

Food here is very good although many are more cosmopolitan than Mexican. Many restaurants offer menus of the day that are very good value at around $35-$45 for three courses plus tea/coffee. I am sure everyone has a few favourite restaurants. Ours include el Gato Gordo which does excellent schnitzel and chips for $35 (for those times when you are taco'ed out) and delicious strawberry milkshakes for $11. Three nights ago they had this guitarist who sang unamplified and had the most amazing, strong voice. Very nice.