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Dan and Michele spoiled us. Having friends show you the other side to a city makes it so much more interesting and both of them spent lots of time showing us the other New York. Dan emailed me yesterday and said our next trip will include a tour entitled "You Have to Know to Go." This will include an unsignposted back-street Bulgarian belly dancer disco in Chinatown and more!

Michele has worked on Broadway for years and got us tickets to The Producers, where she works. I usually hate the theatre as I am under the assumption that everyone in the play is a sadomasochist and hates being there; much like I did when I was at school. The Producers, however, was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The pictures below are of the touristy things generally. The weather might look blue and Spring-like, but it was freezing cold. Still, it made for a great view from the Empire State (below).

ImageNew York Yellow Cab taxi speeding moving in action public transport typicalTimes Square bright lights big city New York tourist attraction action street scene entertainment

The one thing we really like about NY is the culture. It is, in many ways what America should be, but often isn’t. It is about ideas, commercialism, funkiness, old school charm with a dose of 21st century. There are few McDonalds and no WallMarts. It is vibrant, in-your-face, often surprisingly friendly and efficient and "f*cked-up" all at the same time. My kind of town.

And that was the end of our Americas leg. A year later and we have been to all the countries in the Americas except the really backwards or dangerous ones: Colombia, the Guyanas, El Salvador and Canada. Many thanks to Rene, Ivan, Amy, Dan, Michele, Gomez, Preston and the Wheeeeez for putting up with us and making our time in the US even more enjoyable!