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Ivan, a good friend of mine from way back and his wife Amy had been living in Indiana for the last few years. It was the excuse we needed to see another side of America away from the major tourist towns and international cities and see a bit of the real US. Unfortunately for me Ivan was on a mission for me to experience it all. In the few days we were with them I got "Happy Birthday" Texas Road House-style with the whole restaurant joining in with the "YEEEEEHA!" while I was forced to sit on a saddle. Nice - but fortunately no one had a camera, so this may or may not have happened. We also did all the Indianapolis highlights: Hooters, Don’s Guns, a trailer park, Indianapolis Speedway, strip malls, donuts, deep fried everything and discount shopping.

American Trailer Park Indianopolis

So, we were in the middle of Indiana, snow blizzards forecast and we needed to get to New York City. The only real American option: ROADTRIP! We hired a car and drove the 1,000+ km (600 miles) to New York. The landscape, with fresh snow was beautiful as was the weather for most of the trip. We started early and powered through (as per usual, largely ignoring any speed restrictions) Ohio, Philly and New Jersey before arriving Manhattan late in the evening. We dropped the rental car and headed for Dan and Michele’s (friends we met in Roatan, Honduras) pad.

Snow blizzard on route from Indiana to New York road trip